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Introducing: Golf HD+

The better your vision is on the course, the better you can perform. That's why golfers need sunglasses tailored specifically to the challenges of the course environment. The Golf HD+ lens collection is engineered to help you read greens better, track the ball against the sky, and keep your eyes fresher, for longer, on the course.


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Engineered for an extensive range of light conditions, from sunny to overcast days with 24% Light Transmission. Non-polarized to maintain proper depth perception. 100% UVA/B protective. Five comfortable, performance frame styles in a range of colors for both men and women.

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High Contrast Meets High Comfort

Golf HD+

The optimal golf performance lens is a balance of enhanced contrast and eye comfort. Through rigorous color science research with Carl ZEISS, the world leader in optical technology, we engineered Golf HD+ to be the perfect balance between enhanced contrast and refreshing eye comfort.

Sink more putts. Lose fewer balls. Enjoy your rounds more.


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Golf HD+


See Breaks & Slopes

Golf HD+'s proprietary copper-rose tint is engineered to suppress the overabundance of green light in the golf environment while boosting red and yellow light to create course-specific contrast. This allows the eyes to pick up the subtleties of the green before you line up your putt.

Keep Your Eyes Fresh

Golf HD+ goes further than just 100% UVA/B protection. In combination with our Spectra Blue mirror, it is designed to filter out the abundance of harsh blue light in the 400-420nm range that can strain your vision. This keeps your eyes relaxed and refreshed throughout a long round.

Track Your Shot

Golf HD+ is tuned specifically to the optimal light transmission in tandem with providing enhanced contrast against the sky to keep your eyes from squinting to track your shot. Keep your sunglasses on from the tee box to the green.

Why RIA Golf Sunglasses?

Golf is a game of accuracy and precision - every advantage you can give yourself on the course makes a difference, especially when it comes to what you see. The best golf sunglasses strike a balance between contrast enhancement and eye comfort to deliver the optimal visual experience from your first tee shot to your final putt. That is the essence of our Golf HD+ technology that takes us from more than just another pair of golf sunglasses to an integral part of your golf bag.

The Golf HD+ line includes five of our most comfortable and stylish frame styles, each designed to cater to the specific needs of golfers. The Forte and Nova are full-frame option that provides versatility as a performance frame that can also easily be worn off the course around the club house. Opt for the Response's rimless frames for a classic look with a clear line of sight, eliminating distractions and enhancing visibility during your swing. Model One and Vantage wraparound frame styles offer an extra layer of protection, shielding your eyes from sunlight, wind, and debris from all sides. All of our frames are unisex, fitting both men and women golfers.