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How to Choose The Right Golf Sunglasses - Article

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Golf

Good vision is everything on the links. Seeing the fairway, striking the ball, reading the green — all that depends on visual clarity. In addition to having good clubs and apparel, you’ll also need...

UV Protection: An Essential For Racquet Sports and Golf

UV Protection: An Essential For Racquet Sports and Golf

As racquet sports players and golfers, we love to be outside on the court and course as much as possible, especially in the spring and summer. However, prolonged exposure to the sun comes with a hi...

Megan Fudge wearing RIA's new Nova pickleball sunglasses

Introducing Nova

At RIA Eyewear, we're excited to unveil our latest innovation in sports sunglasses: Nova. Designed with the modern athlete in mind, Nova combines high-performance features with a sporty, stylish de...

how to choose the best pickleball sunglasses-header

How To Choose The Right Pickleball Sunglasses & Eyewear

Optimal vision is essential on the pickleball court. Your ability to anticipate, read the ball, set up in position, time your swing, and make clean contact all require great vision. And while most ...

RIA Eyewear in February 2024 Forbes

RIA Eyewear in February 2024 Forbes

The incidence of eye injuries in pickleball is happening with increasing regularity and severity. To bring awareness to the topic, Forbes recently featured the story of Cassidy Phillips, who was st...

Professional golfer in RIA golf sunglasses

RIA Eyewear in January 2024 Golf Digest

As Pantone declares Peach Fuzz the color of 2024, RIA Eyewear is excited to be at the forefront of the latest trend. Recently featured in Golf Digest, our Forte Golf HD+ sunglasses in Fusion Peach ...