How to Choose the Right Glasses for Squash & Racquetball

How to Choose the Right Glasses for Squash & Racquetball

When you’re playing indoor racquet sports, your vision is the key to everything you do. When the game is moving quickly and your up against a tough opponent, you need to see everything that is happening on the court as clearly as possible. Your racquet and shoes are certainly important, but indoor racquet sports eyewear is just as crucial. Using the best glasses for squash and racquetball will improve your performance by keeping your vision clear and your eyes protected from impacts.

Many factors go into choosing safety glasses for indoor racquet sports. Let’s examine what features matter most.

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The speed of the ball in indoor racquet sports can be incredibly high - a squash shot can reach 170 mph and racquetball shots can approach 200 mph, per The Racket Life. This speed can pose a significant risk to your eyes. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, nearly 30,000 sports-related eye injuries are treated annually in U.S. emergency rooms, with 90% preventable through proper protective eyewear. Above all else, your squash and racquetball glasses must be impact-resistant. 

RIA’s Reflex lenses offer impact protection certified under ASTM F3164 (formerly F830). Made from shatterproof polycarbonate, these lenses are five times more impact resistant than regular polycarbonate, ensuring your eyes are safe from high-speed impacts.

Lens Tint

Choosing the right lens tint directly affects your performance. Different tints filter light uniquely, impacting how you see the court. For indoor racquet sports, a clear or light orange tint is ideal. Clear lenses offer true color representation, which is crucial in the absence of excessive sunlight. RIA Eyewear’s Clear HD+ lenses feature an anti-glare coating that maintains visual accuracy even under bright indoor lights.

Orange-tinted lenses with an anti-blue-light reflective coating are beneficial for extremely bright indoor environments. They soften harsh lights and enhance contrast, making them a versatile option. Hybrid Orange HD+ lenses from RIA Eyewear can also be used outdoors, providing enhanced contrast in low light and night conditions..


Fogging can be a major issue during intense matches, especially in hot or humid conditions. When your body releases excessive heat through sweat or heavy breathing, the water vapor lands on the cooler lens surface. The vapor then cools and condenses, creating a foggy film. An anti-fog coating reduces the condensation effect — but if you go with a cheap coating, you get what you pay for. At RIA Eyewear, we utilize ZEISS’s premium anti-fog technology, a chemically bonded coating applied to both sides of the lens before it is cut, ensuring longevity and the ability to withstand heavy use.

High-Quality Lenses

Indoor racquet sports are fast-paced, and every millisecond counts. Using cheap, low-quality lenses can come with the unfortunate disadvantage of distortion. This is when straight lines appear to be curved and objects appear in slightly different locations from reality. Distortion of the lens can lead to a host of performance issues, ranging from mistiming the ball to causing nausea or dizziness. Distortion is particularly prevalent in high-wrap protective glasses if the lenses are not made by a high-quality manufacturer. That’s why we partnered with ZEISS to ensure that even our highest-wrap styles provide zero distortion for the highest-performing and most comfortable visual experience possible.

Frame Design

For racquet sports, wraparound frames are essential. They offer superior peripheral vision and better protection against glare, dust, and impacts. RIA’s Reflex glasses feature high-wrap frames to ensure they stay in place during rapid movements, providing consistent protection and comfort.

Frame Material

Durability and comfort are critical for indoor sports glasses. Heavy frames can be uncomfortable, while flimsy ones might not withstand impacts or falls. RIA Eyewear uses TR90 thermoplastic nylon in all their performance frames, ensuring they are lightweight and durable.

Interchangeable Lenses

While squash and racquetball are typically played indoors, having interchangeable lenses allows you to adapt to different environments and move between sports. RIA’s Reflex, Model One, and Vantage glasses let you switch between clear, orange, and tinted lenses, making them versatile for both indoor and outdoor racquet sports.

Wearing the best safety glasses for squash and other indoor racquet sports enhances your performance and provides essential eye protection. Focus on impact resistance and lens tint, and ensure you choose high-quality materials, a functional design, and anti-fog coatings. Investing in premium racquet sports glasses like those from RIA Eyewear will lead to better performance while keeping your eyes safe. Pick up a pair and experience the difference.