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About RIA Eyewear

Born From The Court, Born For The Court

Our Racquet Sports DNA

RIA Eyewear was born out of our desire to get the best out of ourselves on the courts we've competed on for 25+ years. We value quality over quantity, which is why we spend tireless hours developing our frames and lenses with the best craftspeople in Italy. You won't find any white label, off-the-shelf designs here. Everything we make has the DNA of the court built into it from scratch.

Just like us.

Purpose-Driven Lens Tech

Everything you do on court depends on how well you see. Your ability to anticipate, read the ball, set up in position, time your swing, make clean contact. Everything. All of our lenses are built with ZEISS and tailored specifically to the court enviroment to give you the maximum optical performance and protection your game deserves.

Zeiss Sunglass Lens
RIA Reflex Tennis Sunglasses
Made In Italy
Handcrafted Frames

The best sports eyewear is made in Italy, so that's where we knew we had to go when we set out to make the best sunglasses for the court. Our frames are designed in a small-batch factory just outside of Milan to be lightweight and move with you while giving you the durability you need to endure your hardest matches.

court-specific service
We Know How To Help

We live and breath racquet sports. It's not just our business, it's our lifestyle. That's why when you reach out to us, we know exactly what situations out on the court you are dealing with and how to help make sure our products perform to meet those challenges.

Whipping Down Protective Eyewear