Our Story


Bringing our best game to the court has defined our ethos since we first picked up racquets over 23 years ago. To us, there is no other way to approach the racquet sports we love so much, so the last thing we were willing to accept was using subpar equipment in our drive to continually improve in training and competition. To us, having the right gear meant we could get the very most out of ourselves every time we stepped on court.

We’ve seen innovation across all other aspects of racquet sports equipment - from racquets and shoes, to balls and courts.

And now it’s finally time for eyewear to join the list.

3 years ago we became fed up with the fact that the available eyewear was constantly making us settle for choosing between our performance, our safety, and our style - we believed we shouldn’t have to choose. So we hopped on a plane to Italy, the home of the best eyewear makers in the world, to work with the best craftsmen to create our eyewear. After three grueling years of R&D with our industry-leading partners and testing by top racquet sports professionals from squash, tennis, and pickleball, we are finally ready to introduce our revolution in racquet sports eyewear.

We promise, you’ve never seen the game like this before.

- Jordan & Chris

RIA Eyewear co-founders