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RIA Eyewear tennis & pickleball sunglasses enhance the contrast of the ball against the court background while allowing you to maintain optimal depth perception to time your movement and swing (something you can't do with polarized lenses).



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Forte [Court HD+]#color_don't show
Forte [Court HD+] Sale price$189.00
Vantage [Court HD+]#color_don't show
Vantage [Court HD+] Sale price$199.00
Sold out
Vantage [Transition HD+]Vantage [Transition HD+]
Vantage [Transition HD+] Sale price$219.00
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#color_don't show#color_don't show
Vantage [Clear HD+] Sale price$169.00
Vantage [Golf HD+]Vantage [Golf HD+]
Vantage [Golf HD+] Sale price$199.00
Forte [Golf HD+]Forte [Golf HD+]
Forte [Golf HD+] Sale price$189.00
Response [Golf HD+]Response [Golf HD+]
Response [Golf HD+] Sale price$189.00
RIA Eyewear Nova Tennis Sunglasses in Carbon BlackRIA Eyewear Nova Tennis Sunglasses in Carbon Black
Nova [Court HD+] Sale price$189.00
Vantage [Golf HD+] - Single Vision RXVantage [Golf HD+] - Single Vision RX
Forte [Golf HD+] - Progressive RXForte [Golf HD+] - Progressive RX
Forte [Golf HD+] - Single Vision RXForte [Golf HD+] - Single Vision RX
#color_carbon black#color_carbon black
Forte [Dark Golf HD+] Sale price$189.00
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#color_don't showVantage [Dark Golf HD+]
Vantage [Dark Golf HD+] Sale price$199.00


Engineered for Racquet Sports

Racquet sports is what we do. It's actually all we do. Our focus is on bringing you the best possible visual experience on the court while protecting your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays and impacts.