Welcome To The RIA Pro Team: Erik Lange

Welcome To The RIA Pro Team: Erik Lange

The Preferred Pickleball Sunglasses of Erik Lange

As the Official Eyewear of USA Pickleball, we are thrilled to officially welcome Erik Lange to our growing roster of pro pickleball players on the RIA Pro Team. At 6'4'', Erik is one of the biggest hitters on the professional circuit, and he utilizes all of his frame to impose his power and reach on his opponents on court. There is no easy points won against the big man, and his commanding presence has made him one of the toughest competitors, and one of the most sought after partners, in pro pickleball.

Hailing fom West Linn, Oregon, Erik is currently competing in the MLP Premier Leauge for the Chicago Slice alongside Ben Johns, Jessie Irvine, and Lacy Schneemann. As a full-time pro and prescription lens wearer, Lange can't settle for anything that would compromise his vision. That's why he trusts RIA not only with making frames built for the speed of the pro game, but also with creating the perfect made-to-order prescription lenses that are of the highest optical quality.

Erik's Profile:

  • RIAs of choice: Forte with Court HD+ Prescription RX Lenses
  • Paddle: HEAD Radical Tour
  • Home club: RECS Indoor and The Sanctuary (or anywhere he can find dry courts in the PNW :)
  • Pro pickleball debut: 2017
  • Favorite tournament: US National Championships
  • MLP Premier Team: Chicago Slice 
  • 2023 Goal: "My goals are simple: train as hard as possible as a full-time pro athlete, while also balancing the role of father/husband"
  • Fun fact: Erik's middle name is Bjorn, named after tennis legend Bjorn Borg

Hear From Erik On Why He Wears RIA:

"I’m excited to partner with RIA Eyewear, and in particular wearing the Forte RX glasses for the following reasons:

  1. Impact protection to prevent possible injury
  2. Reduced eye strain with UV protection for sunny conditions
  3. Enhanced/clear vision with prescription lenses

RIA Eyewear provides a level of protection on the court that gives me nothing to fear, even against the most powerful paddles or erratic partners. I was also very impressed with the fog prevention, which is crucial given most tournaments are in humid climates. The hard cover carrying case will protect the glasses no matter where I pack them in my luggage. These are quite stylish; I’ll sport them off-court as well. RIA is now part of my everyday pickleball routine, and I encourage others to do the same."

The final 3 months of the 2023 season are crucial for Erik, and you can catch him in action on the PPA tour and in MLP action on YouTube. Be sure to follow his pro career on his Instagram channel: @eriklangepickleball.

Erik Lange Playing Major League Pickleball In RIA Forte