Welcome Mary and Maggie Brascia, The Newest Team RIA Pickleball Pros

Mary Brascia and Maggie Brascia PPA Pickleball RIA Eyewear

The Preferred Pickleball Sunglasses of Mary and Maggie Brascia

As the Official Eyewear of USA Pickleball, we are thrilled to officially welcome Mary and Maggie Brascia to Team RIA. The Brascia sisters hail from Mission Viejo, California, and are on the rise on the the pro pickleball scene, competing on the PPA Tour and for the MLP Premier Teams Las Vegas Night Owls and California BLQK Bears, respectively.

Having grown up in sunny California, the pair know the vital importance of sun protection for keeping their eyes healthy and relaxed during long hours of training and competition. And with the speed of the pro game continuing to increase, they trust us to make sure they have the impact protection and visual performance they need to excel on the pickleball court.

Mary Brascia

  • RIAs of choice: Reflex
  • Paddle: Selkirk Labs 003 Epic (Doubles), Selkirk Labs 002 (Singles)
  • Home club: Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis and Pickleball Club
  • Pro pickleball debut: 2022
  • Favorite tournament: PPA OC Cup in San Clemente, CA
  • MLP Premier Team: Miami Pickleball Club
  • 2023 Goal: Top 10 in doubles

Why does Mary choose RIA? Hear it from her:

I love RIA Eyewear. The coolest glasses on the market! I play pickleball for hours upon hours everyday, so having the UV protection is helpful. The glasses are high quality and can sustain long pickleball tournament days. I also love how confident I feel in my RIA eyewear to protect me in the firefight hands battles at the kitchen line. Having the impact protection helps improve my overall game and confidence on the court.

Maggie Brascia

  • RIAs of choice: Model One
  • Paddle: Selkirk Labs 002
  • Home club: Nellie Gail Ranch Tennis and Pickleball Club
  • Pro pickleball debut: 2022
  • Favorite tournament: Nationals at Indian Wells
  • MLP Premier Team: Columbus Sliders
  • 2023 Goal: Win a medal in a PPA event

Why does Maggie choose RIA? Hear it from her:

I really love RIA Eyewear.  I wear the frames outdoors and indoors.  I have blue eyes, so the lenses help protect me from the glare of the sun when I’m outside.  I also like the protection they provide from getting tagged by a ball in the face.  It gives me confidence to really stay in the exchange when I’m engaged in a quick hands battle at the net.  The fact that they are stylish and look great as well is an added bonus!

The 2023 season is well underway and you can catch the sisters in action on the PPA tour and in MLP action on YouTube. Be sure to follow their pro careers on their Instagram channels: