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Celebrating National Pickleball Month

Celebrating National Pickleball Month

Serving Up Pickleball Sunglasses For This Amazing Sport & Community Since 2017

As the Official Eyewear of USA Pickleball, we are proud to continue being a part of the incredible pickleball movement. Tenths of a second can be the difference between a ball getting past a player's paddle and hitting a winner. It can also be the difference between getting out of the way of a smash or getting hit in the eye. This is the essence of why we make the eyewear we make, so that pickleball players can see the ball with superb definition while protecting their most important performance asset - their vision.

Coming from pro/college squash and tennis backgrounds, pickleball was a delightful discovery for us personally in 2017 - flashes of tennis-esque shots here, squash-esque movements there, yet replete with its own unique flavor of tactics, technique, and positioning. We've been playing competitively and with our friends & family ever since, and that's why we love pickleball: no matter if it's the toughest tournament match, a dink drill session, or a casual Sunday knockaround, we are smiling, laughing, and making incredible memories. That's the power of pickleball.

Pickleball is truly a game for life, and if we can be a part of making even just one more player extend their time on court by keeping their eyesight healthy and in tact, it's all worth it for us.

See you on the courts.

Chris & Jordan
RIA Co-Founders